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With creativity running through my veins, it is only natural that I am always drawn to anything that oozes inspiration. The greatest thing about inspiration is that it can come from anywhere, and with focus it can bring amazing creations to life. By having a plethora of creative projects juggling at once, I'm constantly tapping into creative waters and re-fueling my artistic juices with new supplies of color, form and composition.


When I design, I unify the composition as if writing a story. When I write, I add rhythm

and musicality. When I cook, I paint the plate with color. Well-rounded artists understand, you can't just do one 'thing' because one thought inspires another and you never know where and when the right one will fit. With all this variety it's up to you to make your mark by creating a signature style. I believe balance, flexibility and strength are key elements to everything in life.


Leatrice Eiseman, International Color Expert, Author and Executive Director of Pantone with Mia Temple, Creative Motivator and Founder at the completion of the Color Design 2018 Course.


•  color! • command-z  •  offset printing • Eurostile and Myriad Pro •  logo development  •  great paper stock  •  PMS SC: 3145, 5405, 368, 3262 and 186  •  clean .ai files  •  classic & custom designs  •  ample margins and...

white space



•  family  •  outdoor activities  • yoga  •  insta blogging @miaoozes •  painting & drawing •  photography  •  creative writing  •  cooking

Mia lives on the Central Coast of California and is a full-time single mother to her three wonderful children and a fun loving boxer dog. 

& portfolio

pro stuff 


Founder & Creative Motivator

Ooze Studio,  3 years


Director of Events & Creative

Advanced Onion, 10 years


Head Art Docent, Consultant to the Board and PTC Vice President

Skyridge Elementary, 2.5 years


Director of Marketing and Events,

Tech Regiment, 7 years

Chief Executive Officer

Axidome, LLC, 4 years

Creative Director / Owner, 

Project Temple, 14+ years

Production and Accounts Coordinator

Epicenter Advertising, 1 year

Prada and Burberry Specialist; Sales Associate all Departments; Buyer; Visual Merchandising and Trunk Show Model

Saks 5th Avenue, 3.5 years 

PR Consultant

Zing LTD, Sydney Australia, 1 year

Graphic Design Assistant and Administrator

Nina Temple Design, 6 years


16 years - Creative Direction 

25+ years - Graphic Design

9 years - Social Media for Business

8 years - Event Coordination & Execution

7+ years - Advertising & Public Relations

15+ years - Fashion Retail & Merchandising /                      Client Care



Branding and Corporate Identity

Graphic Design

Production Art

Electronic Marketing

Tradeshow Designs

Promotional Materials

Copywriting / Tagline Creation

Website Design and Development

Print Collateral

Competitive Market Research

Image and Font Research

Event Coordination and Execution

Music Production for Web and Video



Color Design Course 2018 - Accredited Certificate of Completion from Leatrice Eiseman, Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training


The Psychology of Color Symbolism -

Accredited Certificate of Completion from Color Matters  with Professor Jill Morton

San Diego State University:

Completed coursework for a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Design, Emphasis in Textile Design and Painting; with extensive Psychology courses; 2005


Monterey Peninsula College:

Graduated with Dean's Honors with an Associates in Sciences in General Education

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