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Advanced Onion Breaks Status-Quo Securing 1st BNS Deal


Out of thousands of nominated resellers, Advanced Onion, Inc. (AO) was selected in August 2014 as the first "Status Quo Breaker" by the Brocade Channel Marketing Team for winning the first GSA Brocade Network Subscription (BNS) deal with Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). This was the first successful Federal implementation of the BNS structure ever and it has been successful for over a year now.


With no capital budget, NPS needed to update their wireless network and put out a RFQ to procure one of the top four Federal FY14 mandates, the “as-a-service” acquisition. Nearly a year went by with no bidders until AO recognized the availability of BNS, jumped-on the opportunity and became the sole bidder to win the $238k contract.


“NPS is the 1st Federal BNS…. As a partner-enabled win, Advanced Onion’s Small Business ‘set aside’ status was pivotal to fast tracking the NPS award. Thanks to Advanced Onion’s Federal knowledge, they positioned BNS in response to the NPS solicitation and were the only Small Business respondent to the final solicitation, delivering the exact solution dictated by NPS.” – Bob Sutton, Federal Leasing & Program Manager, Brocade


In order to better maintain critical infrastructure, Federal agencies are looking to increase efficiency and provide scalable, dynamic, open-architecture solutions. AO’s vast background consulting, sourcing and custom-developing technologies for the Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security and Systems Integration industries, made them an ideal company to suggest the BNS to NPS. According to AO’s Director of Business Development, Tyler Houts, “AO worked hand-in-hand with long-time partner Brocade to create a faster, safer and more reliable network for both students and staff to access seamlessly.”


 “BNS delivers a current WiLAN solution, including service & support consistent with their Service-Level-Agreement (SLA). NPS has the option to expand/contract the scope of the system and tech-refresh as required.” – John Szewc, Federal Sales Manager, Brocade


The AO team treats each unique contract with the dedication and motivation needed to get the job done accurately. Joe LoPiccolo, CIO at NPS was pleased to inform us, “Advanced Onion has continued to be the NPS advocate for new technologies and continually ensures the scope of this contract is met in full.”


Advanced Onion, headquartered in Monterey, California, provides relevant technical services and program support to select government and commercial clients. 


Authored by: Mia C. Medeiros, Director of Marketing at Advanced Onion, Inc., on 1 December 2014






Insider Threat Summit Boasts Monterey as InfoSec Hub


Significant progress is being made to enhance the technology industry on the Monterey Peninsula in California. The Insider Threat Summit, hosted by Advanced Onion and Tech Regiment, will be an integral part of bolstering this development and will be held Monday March 16th to Tuesday March 17th, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey, CA.

Insider Threat Summit is proud to have Keynote speakers, Michele Robinson, CA State Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Chris Kemp, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Nebula, and former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NASA. The summit presentations and open panel discussions will focus on:

  • Cyber threat, detection, security and mitigation

  • Personnel security threat mitigation, including continuous evaluation (CE) of privileged identities

  • Technical physical security threat measures and advancements including unique supportive data models


The summit’s goal is to combine Federal, State, Local and Educational organization’s perspectives, covering the full spectrum of insider threat and security specific issues. No one is ever completely secure and everyone has one thing in common, vulnerability.


To REGISTER and stay updated on the summit’s topics, speakers, agenda and sponsors please visit:


With cyber attacks on the rise, and the urgent need of threat mitigation, all of our presenters will be solution focused with the intention of stimulating the attendee’s security-awareness. The intent of this forum is to arm security leaders and technologists with futurist vision in order to better prepare for this ongoing persistent threat. The Insider Threat Summit will give way to an optimal setting for networking and provide a unique platform to build your presence on the Monterey Peninsula and beyond.


We look forward to your seeing you at our first Insider Threat Summit!


Authored by: Mia C. Medeiros, Director of Marketing at Advanced Onion, Inc., on 27 January 2015



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