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Event Direction, Planning and Production

Mia has been the Event Director and Co-Founder for a wide range of events including various corporate events and summits, partner events, team building and employee appreciation events, tech-days, art workshops and auctions, evening receptions, formal dinners and more.

Some of the events can be sensitive in nature and Mia has always been able to handle the sensitive nature of the guests and their content with grace. 



FVEY Insider Risk Practitioners Alliance

In a groundbreaking initiative, Mia served as the Project Manager and Event Director for the inaugural event that brought together 100 insider risk practitioners from the Five Eyes Nations, combining representatives from both the public and private sectors. The event featured daytime workshops at the Kimpton Banneker and an evening reception at the Embassy of Australia in Washington, D.C. In this capacity, Mia took charge of every facet of the project, showcasing her adept skills in vendor management, negotiations, budgeting, logistics, graphic design, planning, and on-site execution.

Collaborating seamlessly with key partners, including DTEX, the Australian and Canadian Centers of Excellence, Austrade, and MITRE Corporation, Mia ensured the success of this unprecedented gathering. Her role extended beyond logistical coordination, emphasizing strategic collaboration and partnership-building among stakeholders from different sectors and nations. The event not only marked a milestone by bringing together practitioners from the Five Eyes Nations but also set a high standard for future initiatives in the field of insider risk management. Mia's leadership and comprehensive approach were pivotal in making this inaugural event a resounding success.



Insider Threat Summit

Event Direction, Production and Planning

As the Co-Founder of the annual Insider Threat Summit (ITS) for seven years and currently serving as a consultant for the upcoming ITS8, Mia has been instrumental in orchestrating this significant event, which gathers 300 participants annually. Her multifaceted role encompasses every aspect of event management, showcasing her strategic approach and dedication to excellence.

Mia's responsibilities span from venue and vendor selection, where her negotiation skills have consistently saved tens of thousands of dollars, to overseeing marketing and graphic design for print, web, and social media. She has successfully managed speaker and sponsor recruitment and their subsequent management, attendee coordination, budgeting, on-site logistics, content creation, and public relations efforts. However, Mia emphasizes that the most crucial aspect of her role is the ongoing relationship building and nurturing throughout the year.

Operating with a strategic mindset, Mia has fostered connections between participants, leading to the creation of numerous solutions for mitigating threats. The Insider Threat Summit has become a vital platform for our nation's intelligence leaders, thanks to Mia's dedicated efforts, facilitating meaningful interactions and collaborations that extend beyond the event itself.



The Pacific Clinics Art Show

Art Instructor, Workshops & Exhibit Lead

As the Founder of Ooze Studio, Mia demonstrated her commitment to making a positive impact by leading art workshops for children and teens with varying levels of Autism. Collaborating with Pacific Clinics, Ooze Studio organized an art auction showcasing the artwork created during a 7-week period. The event proved to be a tremendous success, raising over $50,000 to support neurodevelopmental services at Pacific Clinics in Campbell, CA.

The auction, hosted by Pacific Clinics, featured a body of work collaboratively created by Mia and the PC clients, ranging from 18 months to 21 years old. Mia played a crucial role in managing the framing and transport of the art, as well as providing support for marketing efforts. The event was a testament to the transformative power of art in empowering individuals facing challenges such as Autism, trauma, behavioral health issues, and socioeconomic disadvantages. Through the freedom of art play, Mia and Ooze Studio demonstrated that creativity has the capacity to uplift and empower, resulting in not only a successful fundraiser but also a showcase of stunning artworks, all of which were sold.


Employee Appreciation

Teambuilding, Holiday Parties and More...

Whether organizing an intimate gathering for 10 or a large-scale event for 100+, Mia is dedicated to ensuring her clients' success in bringing teams together. Her diverse portfolio includes empowering sessions, healthy eating workshops, happy hours, holiday parties, family picnics, and more.

At the heart of Mia's approach is a strategic focus on creating a welcoming environment for every attendee. She carefully selects elements such as an uplifting playlist, an exceptional venue, and a culinary experience crafted by a top-notch catering team. Mia pays attention to personalized touches, incorporating thoughtful gifts, handwritten notes, and executive toasts to enhance the overall client and guest experience.

Mia's commitment extends beyond logistical excellence; she actively engages with attendees, if needed, working the room to facilitate meaningful conversations among employees. For Mia, the goal is not just to host an event but to create an unforgettable experience that contributes to a lasting impression on every participant long after the event concludes.




Event Planner

In the world of events, weddings stand out as the most unique and intimate, and Mia approaches them with a distinctive touch that elevates intimacy to new heights. Her expertise lies in seamlessly weaving together elements of vibrant, modern design with symbolic touches inspired by nature. Mia takes pride in her role as a guiding hand for families, assisting them in hand-selecting every detail, from the napkins to the venue, and curating exquisite, locally sourced cuisine. Through her meticulous attention to detail, Mia transforms disparate elements into a harmonious and unified setting, ensuring that every aspect contributes to the creation of a beautiful and cohesive experience.


Whether a client leans towards understated elegance or lavish opulence, Mia's strength lies in her ability to listen and understand their unique preferences. By refining their vision and skillfully elevating their individual tastes, Mia consistently exceeds expectations, creating weddings that are not only visually stunning but also deeply reflective of the couple's personalities and desires.


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