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A Salad to Taco ‘Bout

This is no ordinary taco salad. It’s simple, clean, fresh, its under 300 calories 🙀 and it’s freakin’ delicious! I have this salad once or twice a week and here is how to make it.

  1. Cook lean organic ground turkey in extra virgin olive oil, taco seasoning (make your own or buy a 30% less sodium taco seasoning packet), 3/4 cup of water - don’t let it dry out bc that sugo (sauce) is gonna help make the “dressing”

  2. Chop, rinse and strain Romaine lettuce, use 2 cups per bowl

  3. Cut in halves or quarters, cherry or cherub tomatoes (I use these bc they are sweet but any tomato will do) - use 6-10 per bowl

  4. Dice yellow onion - only use a tablespoon worth per bowl

  5. Chop fresh cilantro... a good handful will do!

  6. Add ingredients to bowl in this order:

  • lettuce

  • taco turkey meat

  • cheese - 1/8-1/4 cup low fat shredded Mexican cheese per bowl

  • onion

  • tomatoes

  • cilantro

  • 3 tbsp of sauce from taco meat

7. Squeeze 1/2 of a fresh lime all over salad

8. Use your favorite salsa or hot sauce and add 3-4 tbsp

Optional: If you must have crunch add about 5 tortilla chips (.5 oz), by crushing them over the top of the salad

Simple, to the point and healthy. Salud!


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