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A Woman in Search of My Blog

"What if you are a woman in search of your word?" - Eat, Pray, Love.

But, what if I am a woman in search of my blog? The market is very saturated with experts in every field. How do you possibly tap into something like that and make a niche for myself...? An even harder question, how do you do it while working very full time, as a professional and mother of two, while getting fit and healthy? I don't know the answer, sorry folks, but I do know that I always tell people don't worry about the "how" and instead, do... so best to take my own advice.

That is why I decided to start typing this blog post today. Just doing this helps me see where it may take my career, my writing, myself, and that is already super fulfilling. But, what can I offer readers? Maybe inspiration. I can offer inspiration to take the first step, inspiration to fuel your soul, inspo to get up and out of your comfort zone and see where it takes you. Walk with me through this a thought process of finding my blog, let's see where it takes us....


As an intuitively creative person, there are so many aspects of life I enjoy diving into because its all art (right?) and recently, my calling has been to get healthyAF. These are both wonderfully therapeutic ways to live my life! Now, what about the "thing" I do most of the day? WORK. What is work doing for me and what purpose is that serving? If any.... Well, lately its just making life chaotic and overwhelming and stressful. I don't know if it is serving a purpose anymore and that becomes draining.


Literally I am at my home office. Alone. No peers who I can brainstorm with. No community to help drive me. I am a self-driven successful woman. However, I am severely misunderstood in my current work environment and also undervalued, it is hard to push forward in an old direction, (which I very actively created, loved and still appreciate) when you know there is something greater waiting for you.

After 24+ years in the Graphic Design industry as an Assistant moving up the totem poll to a Creative Director, it feels like it is time to move onward and upward. In talking with a few Career Mentors and Coaches, I have been faced with the question, "what can you offer to the world?" and this puts me on the cusp of the *Commitment and Legacy Phases of my career and life, at the ripe age of 37 🤗. Leave it to me to be the exception to the rule, because this usually happens later in life, but this is one challenge I gladly accept!


It seems to me that my future self is already speaking to me. I see clearly that I want to be calm, creative, kind and healthy. I have decided I am going to follow what I love and do more of what makes me happy. I'll invest in and gain knowledge/credibility in areas that fuel my soul. I will paint, write, draw, do yoga, spend time outdoors and play more with my children and if something else suffers from it then those things were not meant to be or meant for me. I arrive NOW!

I'm going to go for it because I intend to enjoy life! I have no intention of being unsuccessful but I will be inspired and inspire others daily. I am not sure how I will do it all, definitely delegate more and maybe take on less meaningless work. Maybe I can de-clutter, detox, destress.... 🤔 The how doesn't matter though, what matters is I will do it, even if its just a few minutes a day toward bettering myself.


Bottom line, breaking down the dream into sections makes it seem more achievable. It becomes a goal and therefor you now have tasks to complete. SIMPLIFY! Even if you don't know what that end result is supposed to be, you can at least know what it will feel like! Visualize your future self.

It then becomes simple. I want to create, have endless outlets of creative freedom and expression, I want to help others feel great about themselves and push people to live up to their full potential and challenge themselves, hell, I even push product on people that I am in love with (marketing gal shit).

"Because I'm a pusher, I push people." - Mean Girls


I push because I care that the people around me get the best treatment, products and care. I want to see people flourish! I want there to be a jovial ring in the air with my friends, family and clients. Yeah, it may be the dream of an idealist but whatev'! This "why" is something I can come back to in moments of self-doubt or weakness. It will help me hold myself accountable and stay focused. What is your why? Use this "why" to give you direction and the drive you need to succeed.


After all these years of successfully caring for and branding other people or their organizations, no one has ever asked me what my brand was. (That is the thing with us pushers, we take a back seat to those we help). Big ups to Mr. Scherotter, who I met at an event on Digital Marketing. He asked me "what is your brand?" Well, why hadn't I thought of asking myself this?!

My self-brand, which is a critical starting point to finding my blog, is this:

Creative. Motivator. Visionary. Now I'm on to something!



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