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Easy Peasy Pezuki Foods

This week happens to follow a surprise retirement I catered for my mom (the artist who's short film is posted in this blog below). When you do a solo mission to cater / host a party, you want to make the food easy to prepare and still gorgeous to look at and divine to taste. There were so many delicious niblets there, I had to choose more than one to post today! This Foodie Friday we will explore three sure-to-please finger foods that are easy peasy to make. (Note: my family called fingers "pezukis," not sure where that derived from, but its a fun word just like these fun treats). So put your pezukis to work on these easy peasy pezuki foods.


It's like a watermelon, prosciutto mojito salad bite!

(credit for the name goes to Jason Costanza; friend and mentor)


• Preheat oven to 325 degrees

• Cube watermelon

• Squeeze fresh lime juice all over watermelon so it marinates while you prep other stuff

• Use small mint leaves or cut them small enough to lay on top

• Bake the prosciutto till crisp - anywhere from 5 - 8 min. approximately

(*Watch carefully! It will heat up quickly and burnt prosciutto is the opposite of burnt bacon. YUCKO.)

• Break up prosciutto and put on top of watermelon cubes

• Add mint on top layer



• Grab your favorite Bruschetta crisps

• Cut smoked salmon to fit on top

Either use a peeler or the veggetti to create your spagettied cucumber swirls

• Layer as seen here

*For an added touch, add a dollop of dijon mustard and a sprig of fresh dill to the top. BAM!


(pretty much sums it up!)

• Cut the tops of your cherry tomatoes and squeeze the seed out or cut out center with a knife (this is the most tedious part!)

• OPTION 1: Fill with just pesto (use your favorite recipe or store bought pesto - I use a basil pesto)

• OPTION 2: Cut honey turkey into short strips and stuff half the cherry tomato with the turkey and the other half with the pesto.


I hope you are able to have a chance to try out these fun, delicious, pleasing-to-the-eye easy peasy pezuki foods. If you add a couple dips, cheese & meat boards with a fresh baquette, you will have yourself quite an impressive spread.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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