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Inspiration vs. Motivation

I have often thought of the effects of "inspiration" and "motivation." 'Where does it lead us? How did it affect me? How does it change us?' However, I admittedly never gave much thought to the root of what causes inspiration and motivation, or the difference between the two. To me they both did the same thing, they propelled us forward and got us unstuck from a rutt. Both wonderful, however, when they are out of context do you really learn from it or do you merely react? I think the cause of motivation and inspirtation is important to understand so we know exactly why and how we changed.

Kancho Julio Toribio put it very simply this evening in my Seibukan Jujutsu class - Inspiration comes from a place of positivity, and motivation comes from something negative. For instance, you see, hear or feel something positive then it inspires you to act. When you fear, feel or witness something negative that then motivates you to act. If something negative happens or you have a fear, it doesn't inspire you, it motivates you... motivates you to move away from the fear, get out of that bad zone, or avoid it all together.

I feel both right now! I'm inspired to be better, learn and grow. I'm motivated to be better, learn and grow. Both for different reasons. This is the month of Wind in Seibukan Jujutsu, where we cultivate flexibility, sensitivity and spirit. Be sensitive to where your inspirations and motivations comes from. Let them both ooze with verocity! Now that I know the difference I can be more flexible in how I let them affect me and my spirit can move onward and upward!

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