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Wonton Ravioli Pizza

At times I become over zealous in the kitchen. I jump right in and forget to think ahead. But knowing myself I have found over time that being resourceful is the best way to approach a "mistake" and turn it into a "happy accident"

It was a Saturday afternoon and I had been planning on making wonton raviolis for the family for over a week. I proceeded to make the filling:

• 16 oz. sauteed spinach in olive oil (3 cloves garlic optional)- wilted, cooled, drained and chopped

• 15 oz ricotta cheese (low-fat)

• 1/4 - 1/2 cup grated parmesean

• one whole egg

• s&p - heavy pinches!

After mixing the filling ingredients I did the following:

• placed the thin wonton wraps on a cutting board, next to a small bowl of water

• placed one tsp. of filling onto each wrap

• used a finger to put water on edges of each wrap right before folding them into triangles (getting all the air bubbles out!)

• carefully, I placed them onto a plate in a beautiful design that looked like a windmill. - THIS IS WHERE IT ALL WENT WRONG!

These fragile little wonton raviolis decided to stick together. In my attempt to pull them apart, they began tearing and the filling became exposed. I was able to salvage about 12 of them, and fed them to my grateful husband with my homemade tomato, basil sugo (sauce). Now, what to do with the remaining 40+ raviolis...?

The others, however, were so stuck to the plate I had to think quickly or waste them. Since I dont waste food:

• I preheat the oven to 375

• flipped the plate of sticky wontons upside down and onto a cookie sheet

• drizzled with olive oil, took my fabulous sugo and ladled it overtop

• sprinkled some shredded pecorino romano

• baked it throughout till the edges were golden brown

• cut into slices like a pizza

...and ta-dah, a WONDERFUL healthy pizza for the family. Happy accidents are fantastic ways to surprise your family or guests. Use your noodle and it will all turn out great!



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